Sunday, November 6, 2011

NaGaDeMo: Extinction Event

The world fifty years from now is not all that different from the world today. The technology is a bit smaller, a bit faster. Corporations have solved a few problems while creating a slew of new ones and governments continue to do less with more. People are still people; saving the whales on one hand, while slaughtering each other in the name of some god on the other. There have been depressions and war, peace and prosperity, fads and flops, heroes and villains, and at least six major reboots of the Batman franchise.

Then came the Comet. No one knows who leaked the information to the press, but in less than two minutes every news feed was broadcasting that the planet was doomed. Then it was discovered that the World Government Organization had known about the Comet for almost five years and a nuclear strike had already been tried and failed, the manned mission was lost with all hands. By the time the general population found it, it was already too late and the human race had less than a month to live.

The Arc Project was revealed; the best and brightest minds with a few lucky lottery winners squirreled away in secret bunkers hidden across the world. Corporations and governments made their own plans, while Doomsday cultists, survivalists, Jehovah Witnesses celebrated. Besides a few helpful pamphlets and a government ration of penicillin and toilet paper, everyone else was on their own.

There were rumours of men in dark uniforms snatching people off the streets, but in the midst of the chaos of the time, now one paid the stories much attention. Neither did you, until the night you woke to find people around your bed and felt the needle enter your neck…

The next thing you remember is the sound of your own heartbeat. The air is cold, ice cold and as your eyes slowly adjust you can see your breath curl into the air and spread out against a pane of frosted glass. There is a hiss of air and your ears pop with the change of pressure. The frosted pane before your eyes swings away, beyond is only darkness…

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