Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Megalohelm

Link to youtube of MST3K movie
This was a standard issue pot helm until one day a bored soldier tacked an unconvincing tin bat ear on either side. With that small change and suddenly that soldier began to rocket through the ranks, until finally becoming the powerful Warlord who lead his armies into one of the most infamous defeats that it has gone down in history as The One Sided War.

The helm disappeared for many ages, until reappearing in recent times on the head of Gorbash the Grotesque, the notorious right hand of the Dark Sorceress Tiffany. After his humiliating death, it has been worn by a number of would-be conquerors, despots and mad emperors.

The effect of the helm is more psychological than magical, but may actually be more powerful because of it. While sporting the helm, the wearer believes themselves to be much more powerful and charismatic than they actually are, but people who look upon the wearer usually take them to be rather ridiculous, and therefore slightly less powerful than they appear to be.

This megalomaniac behavior grows over time and always as a natural reflection of the wearer's actual personality: strong and dominant people will become bullies, intellectuals will become cold and superior, hippies will become obnoxious, people who believe themselves to be attractive will become leering and vulgar, hipsters will remain hipsters,and god help you all if the character believes themselves to be funny.

In game terms, the helm is actually a detriment to any charisma roles that effect other people. However, the helm also supplies a bonus to the wearer whenever they are the target of a charisma roll. In addition, it also provides powerful protection against spells of persuasion charm and domination.

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