Thursday, July 10, 2014

NPC: Sweet Dee

Sweet Dee is bar wench who was once accused of witchcraft. Rescued from the Inquisitors and the fire by her brother and stepfather, who bribed the Inquisitors for her freedom. In return, they made Sweet Dee their indentured servent to serve in their tavern known as the 'Rickety Cricket'.

Dee approaches patrons with a forced jovality and terrible, often racist jokes (particularly those aimed at Dwarves). She will spend more time with those she thinks are attractive, or wealthy in the hopes of finding someone who will free her from her servitude.

Be warned; though she tries to be a good person, in reality she is selfish, greedy and more than a little prejudiced againt the elderly and especially dwarves. She will not hestitate to uses others for her own ends and has a firely, sometimes violent temper.

She is also a surprisingly enough, an actual witch and her powers are steadily growing. Crossing her can result in terrible curses, mostly notibly turning a young cleric who had a crush on her, tricking him to give up his faith and turned him into a quivering wreck of a human being.

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