Friday, July 25, 2014

The Gates of Gath

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Behind it, the hill drops away down in a long slope to the valley floor and the the river that flows past the five cities to the sea. But the road itself ends here, between two standing pillars of warped granite, twisted and bent like outstretched wings, or the arms of a criminal condemned to the wheel.

The village of Gath lies not two miles from the gate, but the locals rarely speak them and have no apparent history or lore surrounding them. If asked, they simply shrug and answer, "They have always been there", but keen observers will note that local children never play on the hill, and sheppard never let their flocks linger.

No cults are know to worship the stones and no rituals are performed between its walls. Curiously, despite its relative proximity to the Spire there is not a single mention of the gates in the entire library which is considered to be one of the most complete collections of magical lore in the southlands. The only clue lies in a thick volume detailing the history of the region, where several pages have been ripped out, often at the start of a section detailing some great calamity.

To correct this oversite, there is currently an expiation at the site, lead by Scholar Brussic of the Spire. They were expected back two days ago but other travelers from the area speak of severe storms in the valley, which may have delayed their return somewhat.

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