Sunday, July 6, 2014

Square Disks

These bizarre artifacts are often found in great quantities around certain ancient ruins.

No one is sure what they where used for, what they were made from or how they got the name of 'disc'. Some denizens of the deep dark places use them as currency, though they rarely have any value on the surface and are primarily seen as cheap curious.

For that reason, it not uncommon to see these strewn about the lairs and strongholds of experience delver where they are used as coasters or bookmarks or stuffed into bags, ready to be used on the next adventure.

One mage however claimed that she has found another use for them. Syber Pentiam, the Immemorial Benefice of Magics at the Second Lyceum of Magic, wrote a treatise claiming that if the right spells were used in conjunction with a disc, that it might be possible to record documents, images and even sounds. Her work progressed right up to the point where she attempted to save her self onto a string of nearly two thousand of the objects, wired together in some weird configuration.

When the ritual was completed Pentiam had disappeared. Unfortunately, in her zeal, she never instructed anyone else on her experiments and her notes were too incomplete and arcane for any of the other mages to decipher. For fear that her experiment was a success, the Lyceum has sealed off the room where the apparatus and the discs remain to this very day. The Second Lyceum has posted a substantial reward for anyone who might dare follow in Pentiam's footsteps, and allow their consciousness to enter the apparatus and learn its secrets.

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