Sunday, July 20, 2014

Spell Puppets

image from: Buttonbag Sockpuppets
Spell puppets were developed by the formost master of muppetomancy, Henso of Foz. While initially dismissed as ludricrous by the wizards of the Second and a Half Sorcerarium, the puppets proved so useful to Henso that many of the others soon adopted their use, even if it was only a hastely drawn face on a paper bag hidden away between the pages of some massive tome.

The rituals used to create a spell puppet is very similar to that of a scroll or a wand. The spell is imbued into the puppet where it can then be recast simply by slipping the puppet over the hand and recieiting the incantion. The advantage that was discovered in using puppets rather than a scroll or a wand, is that by creating a ritual with the puppet; by moving it in a certain way and/or by recieting the spell in a different voice, the power of the spell can be augmented without added penalty or danger to the caster.

Experienced muppetomancers can even imbue multiple spells into a single puppets. Some of the more famous puppets even begin to take on, if not a true sentience, then some eldrich version of intellience.

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