Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Grappling Gun!

Grappling Gun!
No matter where, no matter the system, adventurers throughout the multiverse agree that the coolest item ever created is the grappling gun. Simply by having a grappling gun in their possession doubles all reaction roles towards any character that does not own a grappling gun (this is why no one is cooler than Batman. Batman owns more grappling guns than anyone else, ever).

Properties of all Grappling Guns:
-It does not matter how small or lightweight the grappling gun is, it will support the weight of a fully laden adventurer  plus one damsel/dude in distress without strain.

-Grappling guns will always find purchase no matter what direction it is fired, and will automatically retract at the touch of a button with no snarling.

-100' of line, give or take.

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