Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Resource Post: Update on the Update

Tomorrow I'm going back into the hospital for the weekend, so these links are more for me to explore while I'm sitting around with absolutely nothing to do but sit there with a tube in my arm.

Update March 22: MWSCHEER of the most excellent site Rended Press pointed out that I did not correctly site him for the a majority of the links I gakked off him (some of which I believe he wrote or co-wrote). I was in a hurry and was dump copying out of GoogleReader and wasn't as carefuly as I should have been in noting the sources. I've since corrected all the ones I can remember.
Seriously, his site is awesome.

Stock.Xchng ... for stock photos. -- via Gnome Stew

Subterranean Design Tumbler for more photos of underground and abandonned places. via Gnome Stew

A Quick Guide for Old School Gaming. A booklet by Sword and Wizardry. Its free! via Gnome Stew

Old School Encounter Reference a massive PDF that I just downloaded and can't wait to start digging into! via Gnome Stew

Demonicapedia ... exactly what it sounds like.

A whole mess of 2e fanstuff, available for a limited time only! -- via Rended Press

Wayback Machine WotC free archives! -- via Rended Press

and my most played system ever, d6 Star Holocron -- via Rended Press

A fun solo game using QR codes called Minoqaur -- via Rended Press


  1. Dude, if you are going to reblog the links I've been posting, you could at list give me a little credit!

  2. Also--sorry to be an ass on the day before you are going in to the hospital. I missed that bit of your post because I was skimming.

    I hope everything goes well.