Thursday, March 1, 2012

In Search of In Search of the Unknown

So the group took a vote and it came out unanimous for old skool D&D! Huzzah! I’m going right back to the roots and will be running B1-In Search of the Unknown using Red Book straight up.
This is all the background they are getting...

The Nether Regions are spread wide and long across the southern parts of the continent known as Arthurland. The Nether is a wild region full of ancient magic, lost treasures and wandering monsters. Each of you has come alone to Bastion, the only city in the Nether, following the legends of Zell the Unknownst and Rogaine the Bald. Rumour has it that they disappeared many years ago battling Orkish Hordes to the south, leaving behind a hidden stronghold, abandoned and just waiting to be plundered.

Our adventure begins as you enter an inn called the Twig and Berries located in the poorest part of town called Poxhill. Inside a wretched collection of scum and villainy gather around a miserable fire, eating thin gruel and drinking watered down margaritas.

What do you do?...

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