Saturday, March 31, 2012

Adventure Time!

by Fred Weasley, Deviant Art

I became aware of this show through a piece of swag my wife brought home from a TV conference a couple of years ago,
Her hat is AWESOME!
but I haven't really started watching it until I remembered to plug it into my DVR.

Having caught up a bit now, I have to declare the show MANDATORY watching for any OSR roleplayer, especially if your tastes run a little gonzo. Each episode revolves around Finn, last human in the Land of Ooo and his magical dog, Jake as they have a seriously surreal adventure. A GM you can't pick out a good idea or two to use in their game is not paying attention. Already I've got notes in binder on how to use things like;
The Wall of Flesh
Crystal Guardians guarding a crystal apple tree
A giant Lich Lord

The show's wiki is here.

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  1. have you seen that there is a new show on the geek and sundry channel on youtube called tabletop? Think you might like it :)

    Greetings from the A to Z trail,
    Sylvia @ Playful Creative