Friday, March 2, 2012

12 Not So Wonderful Magic Tomes

Inspired by the most awesome Dungeon Dozen blog, here are twelve magic books that aren't so useful to a party (but are potentially valuable to the right buyer)

Magic-Lite Books
1. Prestidigitation for Absolute Beginners
2. Lord Blurg’s Roll of Scatomany
3. The Amazing Rando’s Amazing Sleight of Hand.
4. 1,001 Ways to Conjure Doves
5. Master Folio of Ichthyomancy.
6. Advanced Calculations for Protophysical Particle Thaumaturgy.
7. “This is not a wand” and the Principles of Post Modernist Magic.
8. Magercise ! Staying Fit for Magic Users.
9. A History of Mold Magic.
10. Familiar Care Do’s and Don’ts.
11. Dinner Party Miracles: Amaze you Friends and Be a Hit at Parties!
12. Cannibalistic Rituals for the Home Devil Worshiper

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