Monday, March 26, 2012

Game Log III: Escape from the Unknown

New Character: Sokrates the Barbarian. Heralds from the Land of Barbonia and worshipper of the God Koom. Played by Mikey

After looting the Barrel Golem, the Wild Stallions found a door heading north that lead to a natural cavern with an opening high on the cliff wall. There they found a grappling hook embedded in the ground, with someone climbing up, or possibly down…

Thinking it was the Halfling Harb, they readied to cut the rope and carefully peered over the edge, to find themselves face to face with a young warrior named Sokrates climbing his way up. Sokrates had heard of the treasures of Rogaine and Zell, and had come seeking his fortunes.

Happy to have another fighter in the party, the Wild Stallions accepted the young barbarian with an apparent speech impediment and went father into the dungeon, where they were nearly squeaked to death by a swarm of bats lead by two Mobats.

Fed up, wounded and nearly out of supplies, the party headed back to the cliff face and saw, in the fading sunlight, a red glow surrounding a white castle far down the valley. They spent the night in the cave, climbed down the next morning and headed back to Bastion.

After a quick resupply and hearty dinner (mobat and carrion crawler, specialty of the Twig and Berries Inn), they deliberate their next course of action; go back to the Caves of Questeron or seek out the White Castle?

Girdling their loins, they decided to set off to the investigate the White Castle, effectively ending their journey In Search of the Unknown, and opening the way to investigate the Palace of the Silver Princess.

After bravely making their way into guardhouse, they bravely killed a half starved giant rat and were stumped by a portcullis.

The End (for now).

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