Monday, March 12, 2012

Game Log II: Wraith of the Cave Monkeys

Dire Cheese Stats (D&D Red Book)
AC 4, HD 2, hp 12, AT Bite d6. Loot nil. XP 30

The party fished themselves out of the pool after falling through the pit trap from the roof above. Torches and lanterns soaked, they had to rely on Bulger’s low-light vision and Bowden’s sole Light spell to try and find shelter in the natural cave system.

What they found where ghouls lurking in the next cave, though they were able to pull Bulger out after the dwarf was paralyzed. Shortly after they had finished with ghoul’s, Ted the cleric realized that she could have tried to Turn them (noobs are fun).

They were much less lucky at the next encounter. Coming to a four way juncture, they tried the eastern door which opened into a dark, warm cavern heavy with the musty smell of something living inside. Bulger crept in axe at the ready, covered by Bill the thief and her bow. Just as they crossed the threshold, they were swarmed by a pack of Cave Monkeys (Rock Baboons), some armed with crude clubs.

Bill was quickly swarmed and overcome, while Bulger held his own. Back at the door Ted and Bowden did what they could against the raving monkeys. After downing a couple of simians, Ted tried to rescue Bill and dove into the room. Wounded, Bowden slammed the door to buy time to down a Healing Potion. It turned out to be a fateful decision as in that few seconds, both Ted and Bulger went down under rabid simian fury.

Suddenly, everything depended on the first level mage without a single spell left to cast.

There were three Cave Monkeys left, hammering at the door. Bowden quickly gathered all his rations and threw them down the western corridor. Then he wrenched open the door, hiding behind it as two of the monkeys burst into hallway. Winning initiative, Bowden dove through the opening and slammed the door shut behind him, trapping himself in a room with his bleeding companions and the remaining savage Cave Monkey.A few rounds and a handful of lucky rolls later, the monkey was dead and Bowden was being hailed as a hero by his companions.

They spent the next two days resting in the room, using the last of their rations, sneaking back to the pool for water and eating roast monkey. Finally, they set out again, heading west and encountering no further resistance until they accidentally triggered a spiked pit trap (though, at only d4 damage, it was determined to be more a spiked ditch trap).

They then found themselves in a vast cavern with a curious statue at the south end. Approaching, they saw it was a man made of barrels. Curious, Bulger poked the barrels, causing the fearsome Barrel Golem to spring to life and attack. During the battle, both Bill and Bowden were struck from behind with rocks, though everyone was too caught up in the battle to investigate at the time.

Defeating the Barrel Golem, they began to loot the room. Harb, used the distraction to sneak into the room and pull something from inside the destroyed Golem’s body before racing away.Barrel Golem
AC 2, HD 6, hp 40. D d8, Loot: special , Xp 100.

In the golem cave, Ted found a Ring of Protection +1, Bulger found an expensive silver amulet, Bill found a +2 Spear while Bowden found a Sleep scroll.

Now, with only one Healing potion and no rations, all they have to do is find a way to escape…

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