Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Deep Sea Life

Whenever I need inspiriation for a monster, I read up on deep sea life. I just stumbled upon Deep-Sea News blog and read this article on io9. Plus I watched the 'Lost City of Atlanta' episode of Futurama this morning on Netflix.

I've never run an underwater adventure, but I seriously begining to want to.

Blind Angler
Freq: Rare
Armour Class: 2
Hit Dice: 5
Move: 10'
Attack: 1
Damage: d10 Bite
no. Appearing: 1
Save As: F5 (standard)
Special Attack: Lure
Treasure: B
Alignment: Neutral
Xp Value: 55

Blind Anglers are large creatures ranging from 8'-10' tall. They have teardrop shaped bodies supported by six elephantine legs. They have a small hind end and front end dominated by two large, blind eys and a massive mouth filled with long, needle sharp teeth. They also have a long antenna that ends with a large bulb filled with phosperescent algea that gives off a warm, bluish glow that can extend for hundreds of feet down a dark corridor.

Blind Anglers are ambush hunters, using their light to lure prey close enough to their powerful teeth. They often lurk behind large obstructions or just inside a room, dangling their antenna into an adjascent corridor or room.

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