Sunday, January 8, 2012

Solo Tunnels and Trolls

Master Darkberry successfully made it into the Labyrinth, and was doing quite well, until an angered hydra knocked a wall down on his head.

Soon after, Grod Rusthelm of the Dwarves came to Midden. He easily made it through his first attempt at Buffalo Castle and returned in triumph, but with little reward. He girdled his loins to venture forth again, but was warned by the Wizard Zurn that Buffalo Castle has its secrets and is forever changing. More still, it may remember those who have walked its halls before and will be waiting.

[Solo Notes: Why the heck would anyone play a human in T&T? Demi humans are a great way to compensate for lousy stat rolls and very few of the demi-humans have significant penalties.

Because Grod had such an easy time of it the first time through, I'm doubling all the monster stats (within reason) even though he didn't bump up a level.]

Spending some of his coin, Grod refitted himself with stronger armour and a better axe and returned to Buffalo Castle. Remembering the wizard’s warning, he chose the left-hand door and ventured inside…

Alas, he never returned and no-one ever knew whatever became of poor Grod.


  1. Dwarves all the way for solo T&T

  2. T&T isn't just about winning or keeping your character alive. You play a human because the adventure might be written for humans, or you like the extra challenge. Dwarves are, admittedly, a kind of super kindred in T &
    T, but they don't fare well in a solo written for Luck challenges. If your character needs magic, brains, or luck, dwarves are not the way to go.