Monday, January 30, 2012

Appendix O: My Favourite Fantasy Films

A total timewaster post, but I forgot to bring in my Playing Card Dungeon Map for scanning.
-A thief and a cursed knight set off to kill an evil Bishop. I think the next adventure just wrote itself
-My blueprint for the perfect quest.
-Pretty much sums up any serious campaign I ever tried to run.
-Remake? What remake?
-Re watched this recently. It's actually quite good.
-Been a long time since I've watched it, but I'll pretty much watch Michael Palin in anything.
-I blame this film for my predilection for playing Halfling Thieves.
-This English film isn't fantasy, but it is a good film about fantasy fans.
-and so began my lifelong crush on Jennifer Connelly
Army of Darkness      
-Boom Stick!
-Not fantasy, but if you ever want to play woodelves right, watch this!
The Secret of the Kells          
-Simply breathtaking to watch.
-I honestly have no idea why this film doesn't get more love.
Outlander (2008)       
-Vikings vs aliens, what is not to like?
-The less said about the remake, the better. Actually, I do want to say something about the remake: IT SUCKED.
-I've pretty much resigned myself to this being the closest thing to a Vancian film I'll ever see. Not that this is a bad thing.
-If this film doesn't get quoted at least once in the campaign, you're not doing it right.
-I need a reason?
-I watched it a lot as a kid and it remains a sentimental favourite despite the problems
-The campaign's Big Bad gets a hold of Nazi propaganda and equipment … this could work!
-A genuine good time.
-Fantasy flicks were few and far between when I was a kid. This was a sleepover classic.
Another sleepover classic.
-Okay, it's actually awful. But it is does feel like you are watching the D&D campaign of a couple of delayed adolescents who think that stoner and penis jokes are the cornerstones of good comedy.

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