Sunday, January 8, 2012

Munchkin and Talisman night!

Went over to a friend’s place last night and while the females went upstairs and drank copious amounts of wine, we took the boys downstairs for some beer-n-pretzel gaming. Okay, so it was actually coke-n-rigolos gaming.

We started with a prolonged game of Munchkin from a very poorly shuffled deck (it is really hard to end the game when you keep drawing only class/race cards!). I love Munchkin and it is one of my favourite ways to fill a geek-night when no one feels like roleplaying. I even have the Munchkin D&d 3.5 rule books and fully intent to convert the monsters into my Tunnels and Trolls Wandering Monster Mega Table.

Once Munchkin was done and the younger boy sent to bed, we all got in the wayback machine and cracked open my Second Edition Talisman game. I must have bought this game back in high school (early nineties) and it was a beer-n-pretzel’s geek-game night staple for a very long time. However, it has been at least five years since I’ve opened this thing, as evidenced by the dried out rubber bands that had been holding the card stacks in place (since replaced with plastic baggies). One of the guys used to play Third edition and bought Fifth edition for his kids, but this was his first experience with Second. He was surprised at how smoothly the game went despite its paper counters and retro-feel. One thing we both remembered was that being the Ninja sucks!

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