Sunday, January 8, 2012

Revamped Rogues

I know I said I wasn't going to tinker with the rules, but I lied.

As written, Rogues in T&T5th are useless. They were aiming for the Grey Mouser and landed squarely on unplayable. Wizards have spells and staves, warriors have the doubling of shield and armour stats(!) and the Rogue has … nothing. Plus, there is already the Wizard-Warrior class that makes the Rogue’s ability to cast spells and fight look really weak. I’ve tried to make three Rogue Characters now and only Kheebler was worth rolling a dice for. Taking the system back to its Old Skool roots, I’m going to give them a Saving Throw bonus to fit Rogues into the classic Wizard/Warrior/Thief model.

Rogues can still cast magic (IF they can find a teacher) but are not allowed in the magic guild and learning spells is costly. They may not use staffs. They do not get the armour bonus of warriors, but they can use all weapons. Finally, to make them at least somewhat useful, Rogues’ fail Staving Throws if they roll 3 of below (as opposed to 5), plus they make all Saving Throws at -1 Level, (but still accumulate experience points as normal)! If a saving throw is Level 1, they must roll better than 15-Luck on 2d6.

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