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100 Wandering Monsters

My d100 Wandering Monster table prepped for a run through of my Playing Card Dungeon. Contains many classics (some with my own personal interpretation) a few homebrews and a couple that have been changed just enough so I can't get sued.

1 Jabberwock
This rare and luckily, solitary creature can only be harmed by magic weapons.

2 Giant Rat
Large scavenging rodents. Will attack if cornered or think they can overwhelm a weaker foe.

3 Bear
Has wandered into the dungeon and is now lost, hungry and extremely aggressive

4 Flying Monkey
Winged simians with a bad attitude.

5 Beastmen
Animal headed, humanoid hybrids.

6 Brigand
A group of outlaws is using this location as a hideout. Roll for alignment: 1-2) Neutral. 3-5) Evil 6) Good (rebels)

7 Boglins
Resembling goblins, but with red or orange hued skin. Much more intelligent and capable of magic. Often leaders of goblin tribes.

8 Troll
Large humanoids possessing a crafty intellect and the ability to regenerate

9 Cockatrice
Demonic roosters with the ability to breath fire.

10 Dire Moose
Fearsome herbivores of the deep.

11 Giant Spider
Because you gotta have giant spiders

12 Bore Boar
Porcine monsters with the ability to put people to sleep with their excruciatingly tedious stories about their vacation.

13 Orcs
Humanoids with grey-green skin, sharp teeth and reptilian eyes. Reasonably intelligent.

14 Kobolds
Small, dog-faced humanoids.

15 Mind Sucker
Squid-headed humanoids proficient in magic and feast upon the brainwaves of intelligent beings.

16 Goblins
Small, green skinned scavengers.

17 Flying Shark
A species of shark that can fly for periods of time. Always found near water

18 Golem, Flesh -Frankenstein monster like magical construct
19 Golem, Iron -Magical metal construct
20 Golem, Clay -Magical construct
21 Golem, Wood -Magical construct

22 Vorpal Bunny
Small, white rabbit with big, nasty teeth!

23 Bearowl
A sorcerous hybrid known for its fearsome reputation

24 Floating Ogler
A great floating eye with tentacles. An intelligent creature capable of powerful magic

25 Scavenger Ooze
A huge ooze with one huge, single eye that crawls through tunnels looking for any organic material to digest

26 Ooze, Black
Oozes are small creatures look like small blobs of slime, with one disturbingly human eye. Mindless scavengers, they indiscriminately feed on anything they come across. Black oozes secret a powerful necrotizing poison.
27 Ooze, Red -These oozes secret a powerful acid.
28 Ooze, Purple -These oozes attempt to burrow into the skin of their prey.
29 Ooze, Clear -These oozes can combine to form a larger creature.
30 Ooze, Green -These oozes secret a strange mould that gradually takes over the body.

31 Giant Centipede
Giant, acid spitting anthropoids.

32 Rust Eater
A lobster-like creature that can break down metals into rust.

33 Giant Crab
Another classic

34 Giant Crocodile
20+ feet of reptilian menace.

35 Ghost
Ethereal spirits of the dead. Usually cranky

36 Lich
A powerful wizard who has found a way to cheat death, though you’d never know it to look at one.

37 Vampire
Vicious, bloodsucking undead predators. Does in no way mope, moon, fall in love with their prey or sparkle.

38 Ghoul
Not undead, but a form of gangly, stick thin humanoid that feeds on carrion.

39 Basilisk
A six legged lizard with the ability to turn living creatures to stone with its gaze.

40 Kong
Giant, carnivorous apes.

41 Wraith
A form of ghost that preys on the lifeforce of living things

42 Cave Wolverine
A dangerous underground predator

43 Deep Wolf
Blind, hairless canines that hunt deep in the earth.

44 Dire Slug
Slow, but deadly.

45 Skeleton
Classic reanimated corpses

46 Multchthing
The merger between a humanoid lifeforce and decaying plant matter.

47 Giant Scorpion
The classic monster.

48 Giant Snake
Another classic. May be poisonous or a constrictor.

49 T Rex
Or other form of carnivorous dinosaur

50 Pterodactyl
A flying carnivorous dinosaur

51 Violet Worm
The bloated, purple eating machines tunnel through the earth with their rotating maws.

52 Ogre
A large, grey skinned humanoid that is generally dumber than soup.

53 Cave Creeper
This invertebrate resembles a large, octopus. Intelligent, and masters of camouflage.

54 Peryton
A hybrid beast with the body of a stag, and the legs, wings, tail of an eagle

55 Spectre
Powerful undead ghosts that can attain physical form for limit periods of time

56 Giant Bat
Always carnivorous.

57 Mummy
Undead. Always has a specific purpose for returning, even if it is only “guard this room”

58 Minotaur
Bull headed monsters often found in labyrinths

59 Chestomorph
These invertebrates often impersonate chests, trunks or barrels

60 Cave Elephant
Smaller versions of regular elephants who have adapted to underground life by becoming carnivorous

61 Giant Ant
Nomadic colonies inhabit many dungeons. Soldiers will always defend the colony.

62 Morlok
A species of cannibalistic humanoids adapted to living underground. Have claws, large fangs, eyes that glow in the dark and are covered in fine, light blue fur.

63 Giant Leech
Giant, squishy bloodsucking fiends that hide in stagnant water

64 Elemental, Air -Powerful being, usually resembles a small tornado
65 Elemental, Earth -Powerful being of pure earth and stone
66 Elemental, Fire -Powerful being of pure flame
67 Elemental, Water -Powerful being of pure water

68 Invisible Swordsman
Appears to be a floating blade, but is actually the spirit of a great duelist.

69 Coeurl Cat
Resembles a large black panther. Keen observers will notice that the beast has two tales, and even keener ones will realize that it is actually just off to their left and ready to pounce.

70 Griffon
Half lion, half eagle hybrid.

71 Harpy
Carrion eating creatures with the wings, tail and feet of a vulture and the torso and head of a woman. Beware their singing voice.

72 Gorgon
Hideous medusa whose gaze turns to stone.

73 Giant
Large, strong and generally about as smart as a shoe

74 Black Mushroom
These six-foot or greater mushrooms release a cloud of toxic spores when jostled. They are also often home to a race of vicious purple/black skinned tiny humanoids called Gnaps.

75 Minor Demon
Demons are extra-planar beings out of nightmares. Each one is unique and has an agenda of its own.

76 Minor Archon
Archons are extra-planar beings from more enlightened spheres. Each is unique and are often in the service of a god. Devils are rebel Archons

77 Lizardmen
A group of mid level baddies that the Hero won’t feel guilty about turning into stylish boots.

78 Dark Elf
Elves adapted to underground with snow white skin (that becomes more transparent with age) and a fondness for spiders, tribal tattoos, moody music and curved swords.

79 Screaming Fungus
While not dangerous on their own, these large red mushrooms will emit a piercing shriek if disturbed that draws nearby predators. They will then lay their spores in the rotting remains

80 Golem, Stone
Magical construct often made to resemble a statue or relief.

81 Vampire Vine
Black, thorny vines that reach out to ensnare warm-blooded prey. The berries of the vine are of rare alchemical value

82 Carrion Caterpillar
Large, carnivorous caterpillars with two long antenna with a powerful paralytic contact poison at the end.

83 Tentacle Thing
A mass of lashing green/black tentacles. No one who has ever seen what lies beyond and survived.

84 Chimera
A three headed hybrid on the body of a lion and a tail made up of nine poisonous serpents.

85 Anthromorph
A species of cannibalistic humanoids capable of changing their appearance. Often pose as lost delvers looking to join a party.

86 Heck Hound
Black dogs with steel fangs, burning eyes and the ability to belch fire.

87 Manticore
A hybrid with the body of a lion, the face of a man and great black, bat wings.

88 Shadow
Ethereal beings with a dark agenda of their own. Prey upon the warmth of warm blooded creatures

89 Dire Ficus
The most fearsome potted plant known to exist.

90 Gaping Maw
A bizarre sorcerous beast that appears to be a giant, fanged mouth. Can camouflage itself to appear as part of a floor. Thought to be the male of the same species as Dropping Maws

91 Dropping Maw
A bizarre sorcerous beast that appears to be a giant, fanged mouth. Can camouflage itself to appear as part of a ceiling and as the name suggests, will drop onto its prey. Thought to be the female of the same species as Dropping Maws

92 Hermit Maw
An immature stage of maw that hides in stalagmites or stalactites

93 Dead Ent
Undead tree-beings. Appear as dead trees until someone approaches too close.

94 Zombie
These slow moving undead are in a constant search for Braaaains!

95 Grimmus
Large, four armed, purple skinned, gumdrop shaped humanoids. Extremely aggressive.

96 Cave Wasps
These large, aggressive wasps collect blood to feed their larva, and will often make their nests in the bodies of dead beasts/delvers

97 Succubus
Sometimes known as nookie-vampires, these creatures feast of the sensations of pleasure and pain.

98 Xenomorph
These strange creatures have acidic blood, a hard chitinous exoskeleton and lay their eggs inside warm-blooded creatures

99 Sphinx
These extra-planar creatures can appear as almost anything (though their egos often make them take large forms, but often as disguised as doors or mirrors). They love nothing more than outsmarting intelligent beings and often pose difficult riddles. Can be distracted if made to laugh.

100 Dragon

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