Saturday, March 16, 2013

Video Saturday: Stephen Fry against the Catholic Church

This is a blog for fun and I don't want to be political, but the hullaballoo over Pope Jorge (an awesome title .. so much better than 'Francis') has reached ridiculous proportions. There was genuine news going on in the world, but the CBC had to justify the expense of flying a reporter to the Vatican so they wasted hours on with interviews with eager young cultists claiming that this would revitalize the church. Which we all know is utter bullshit.

I was born and raised Catholic, but drifted away from the faith in my teenage years. I studied theology pretty heavily in university and in one semester learned much, much more about the doctrines, history and faith of the Catholic church than in years of forced 'religion classes'  in high school. What I learned, and what Mr. Fry's speech beautifully outlines, is why as a moral being I could never participate in such a farce ever again.

"Religion belonged to the infancy of the human race." Sigmund Freud.

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