Friday, March 22, 2013

The Crown of Command

Been busy for most of the week getting ready for my Munckin Talisman play-by-post game, which is slowly starting to get underway on Google+

I have compiled a couple of databases that combed all my Talisman Adventure Cards and a couple of Munchkin decks, which means that they can be mixed so that cards drawn out randomly. A character may find a Dungeon Door in one location, and battle against a Psycho Squirrel or Snot Elemental the next. For the Circle Sea locations, I was able to add in Muchkin Booty cards and I am hoping to do some things with similar decks (Star Munchkin with Timescape for example).

I've also been happily pillaging ten years worth of Talisman fan made stuff, of which there is plenty and much of it awesome. I've already added two rings to the main board (The Circle Sea and the Far Marches) and now there are also additional pyramids and lost ruins and jungles and islands to explore. The entire process has turned into a massive, muti-dimensional sandbox and now all it needs is for the players to help flesh it out. I plugged in a short meta-plot and wanted to see what else the players would bring to the table. So far, we have a Swordsman looking for the man who killed his uncle, and a lost Alien Scientist who has been sucked into the Timescape.
This is the Timescape's guardian, Mr. Susan. He will get you if you don't to some choosin'!
Not bad for a week's work.

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