Sunday, March 3, 2013

Video Hits: The Mighty Boosh

Born out of largely improved stage shows and radio plays, The Mighty Boosh is not exactly a sitcom. It is more like watching the abstract, free associating stream of consciousnesses flow from the minds of the actors as they play dress up, dance and sing while acting very silly. It also relies heavily on fantasy and sci-fi elements, albeit ones filtered through an absurd lens. The first season focuses on The Zooniverse, a really, really crappy zoo where our heroes, Vince Noir (Noel Fielding) and Harold Moon (Julian Barratt), work as keepers. A typical episode may see them traveling to the Arctic, battling mutants and serial killers, or going through Limbo to reach the depths of Monkey Hell. In later series, they leave the zoo to work in a shop run by a magical shaman named Naboo and his gorilla partner Bollo.
Still with me? 

This episode 'Jungle' isn't the first one of the series (that is 'Killeroo'; not my favourite of the series, but it would make an awesome name for a wandering monster), but it is the first Boosh I ever saw and works as good as an introduction as anything else. The shaman Rudy even becomes a reoccurring character as the show rapidly expands its mythos. 

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