Friday, March 22, 2013

RPG Wish List

Earthworm Jim
 "Plasma!" A battle cry from my high school days that randomly pops up in my repertoire from time to time. 

The adventures of a simple earthworm who is crushed by a strange super-suit that falls from the heavens, but instead of turning him into a sticky mess, it gives him buzz-lightyear like powers. He then battles the crazy anamorphic or mutated beings who want to steal the suit.

If it isn't becoming clear from may of these things, I tend to like things a little absurd. The beauty of not making sense is that things can go where ever you'd like them to, strung together by even the flimsiest piece of dream-logic. 

To bundle this into a campaign, have Jim's suit be part of a Space Force akin to Nova Corps or Green Lantern. Or that the creator of the suit liked to experiment on other beings. Either way, it takes place in a sleepy little town where an adventure to recover a lost eggbeater is just as important as stopping an alien invasion.

Suggested Supplements
Earthworm Jim! Earthworm Jim Season 2!

Suggested Systems
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, or Toon, or preferably some combination thereof. 

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