Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Talisman: The Crown of Command

My gaming group is scattered across four time zones, which can make even skype or hangout play difficult. In order to stimulate things a bit, I have set up a Googlegroup to run my Talisman RPG idea. Of course, so that my players do not get bored, I plan on making generous use of Munchkin cards, as well as these two marvelous sites: Talisman Island and HERE.
The lands of Talisman are in turmoil. Strange magics have been unleashed causing storms of chaos and tearing holes in the very fabric of reality. Terrible and bizarre monsters are said to stalk the wilds and even the normal beasts have begun to attack travelers with a hungry gleam in their eye. 

When the chaos began the people turned to Castle Falladir, only to find its great gates closed to all outsiders. Rumors say the Prince and Princess have been kidnapped or killed, and that the King was driven mad and fled into the wild. In the city of Starhold, the Sherriff has seized control and organized brutal militias that beat and imprison any who defy his many draconian laws. The priests of the Great Temple of Baradoom have declared that they have looked into their auguries and have seen the end of the age and now offers penance and salvation to all, for a price.

And in this turmoil, each of you has been visited by a dream so vivid that upon awakening you gathered your meager belongings and set out into the wilderness to seek the object that would bring the lands under your control. The object that you saw with such shining clarity … 

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