Saturday, March 16, 2013

Crown of Command

Nektar the Barbarian, Nero the Swordsman, UmDeb the Alien Scientist and Sheckles the Ghoul have all set out on their quest to find the lost Crown of Command and restore order, or perhaps conquer, the lands of Talisman.

I think the players will be pleasantly surprised with what is in store as I've been drawing on about twenty years worth of homebrew love in order to give them much more than the standard Talisman experience. There is so much material that its getting a little tight squeezing it all in, plus reading all of this stuff has inspired me. The beauty of a system like Talisman is that it is incredibly easy to come up with your own materials. Most monsters have only one or two stats and a quick rule (simple monsters don't even need that); "Godzilla, Str 12, Lives 4 ... Can only be fought if the character has the Potion of Kaiju, otherwise they automatically lose a life. Godzilla remains in this space until defeated".  Or "Proton Pack gives +3 to to psychic combat when battling Spirits."

I have to tinker with the rules somewhat, mostly in terms of movement and some character abilities. To accommodate more than one character fighting a given monster, many of them now have more than one Life.  I'm sure more will come up as play progresses.

One of my players is an animator (and the model for a reoccurring character in Ren and Stimpy) and he dashed off a quick sketch of Nektar the Barbarian.
(c) J.B.Pou 2013

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