Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Tsoukalos, the Great Seer

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A century ago, Tsoukalos arrived by aethership to the Starport of Skree with an incredible tale. He claimed that on his world, aliens had once ruled as benevolent gods until they had been driven off by sorcerers who exploited the alien's own technology against them.

In time, both the sorcerers and the aliens were forgotten by history, save for a few gifted scholars and theorists who tried to warn that the the aliens had not been eliminated, only driven away. One day, they would return.

According to Tsoukalos, one night a ship of pure light appeared above his condo and he was taken up. He tells that the unnamed beings had once been the kind rulers of a mighty galactic empire that spanned a thousand worlds. But that one day they had been betrayed by those they cared for and that they had been forced to flee into the void. In their rush, they had been forced to leave many of their secrets and technology behind.

He was told that humanity on his home planet was not yet ready for their return, but that because of his faith and devotion he had been chosen to search for those lost secrets and spread the word of their return to the worlds they had left behind.

Since then, he claims to have traveled to over a hundred worlds, teaching all those who might listen of their wonder, and searching for ancient clues in lost ziggurats, forgotten runes and city college libraries across the galaxy.

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