Sunday, December 8, 2013

Hookin' the Adventure

An adventure idea based on the animated special, 'Wakko's Wish'. It can be the basis for a Holiday themed adventure that doesn't revolve around yet another raid on the Anti-Santa's Compound.

The HOOK: A star has fallen in a nearby valley. Soon rumours begin to circulate that the star is magical. Throw in some interesting groups to compete against and you have a solid, Wacky Races style adventure (something there needs to be more of IMHO).

What is the Star? Rumour Table
1  A giant diamond, worth millions.
2  A robotic being on an intergalactic search for its soul. 
3 The cracked bottle of a dying genie. He has enough lifeforce left to grant one Wish 
4  An inexhaustible power supply.
5  The star is a gateway to a dimension of pure evil and must be destroyed.
6  The Wheel of Morality
7  The Egg of Mantumbi
8  An unexploded photon torpedo.
9 A virginal woman of unimaginable beauty. 
10 Crimson Gem of Cyttorak
11 A giant star ship filled three factions of alien soldiers, all locked in bloody battle.
12 An aethership, completely intact but utterly empty. A warm, half-eaten dinner is still on the galley table. 
13 The nefarious Wand of Orion, presumed destroyed after the War of the Void. 
14 An angel cast from the Heavenly Plains for the sin of Despair. 
15 A small black hole that is slowly boring its way into the heart of the land.
16 An amnesiac god in the form of an giant snail. 
17 A meteor filled with a strange green goo, that transforms all who touch it into the hungry dead!
18 A shard of the Ice Star. Its unearthly cold will soon spread across the entire planet.
19 The sled of the demi-god of the Winter Solstice, laden with a sack filled with the souls of naughty children that have been turned into lumps of coal. They must be burned before dawn to ensure the return of the sun. 
20 A rock of extra-terrestrial origin. Worthless except to collectors and astromancers. 

The Loot

This potion tastes absolutely aweful, but it will restore half of all lost hit points.

It is also a powerful explosive that will do D6 damage per thrown bottle.

Frozen Nuts
A powerful spell for preserving food and material components. Will also D8 damage to any male character/opponent. If the full 8 points is inflicted, the spell also incapacitates for d4 rounds.

The Cave of Worst Nightmares
Reached only by an abandoned mine below the Duke's Castle, this terrifying cave shows each traveler what they fear most; be it a washed up comedian with an 'edgy routine', or the greatest fear of any traveler: a gas station washroom. 

This counts as a feat or special ability. When utilized, it will stun one opponent for one round. This is a non-magical effect.

This spell unleashes a powerful sonic attack capable of stunning opponents, causing avalanches and eliciting cheers at any frat party.
Material Component: any carbonated beverage.

This gnomewerk device can carry up to ten pounds plus a gnome pilot/power-source.


Anyone else see it?

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