Wednesday, December 4, 2013

NaGaDeMon 2013: W,T,F!

W,T,F! Download

This year's entry into NaGaDeMon for 2013. I concede that I failed this year's challenge, in that I never got a chance to play test. And as made evident by the typos, I spent more time thinking about it than writing it, but overall I am happy with the final result. I don't pretend that its very original, but it's fast and simple and the players and the DM (DiceMaster, in this case) to play with the full range of dice in their bag.

It also allowed combine a number of elements that I've wanted to use for a while now:

Simple, open-ended character creation
-You choose to be a Wizard, a Thief or a Fighter to start, but beyond that designation the rest of the process is up to you.

Clear Rules
-If you have 8 in your Combat Skill, you roll a D8. If for example, the Opponent has a 6 in Combat, the DM would roll D6. High roll, wins. That example pretty much encapsulates the entire rule-set.

Eliminating Imitative
-There is no initiative. Once the melee starts, everyone is assumed to be acting at pretty much the same time.

-No Hit Points! You roll your Body stat below the number of accumulated Wounds to avoid a TKO.

Magic is Internal
-Wizards role vs their own Magic skill to see if the spell worked, not against an arbitrary Saving Throw.

Weapons and Armor Ratings
-I solved another RPG peeve of mine here, the weapons and armor issue. I've tried to develop a few different rpgs over the years and one part I always hated was determining what weapon did what damage (does a battle-axe do more damage than a giant sword? What about a blunderbuss?) and how much protection armor is suppose to do (is plate better than dragon scale?). My solution?

It doesn't matter! At the time of character creation, you get a certain amount of points to put into a Weapon and Armor. The more points, the better damage/protection, but as to what the weapon/armor actually is ... doesn't matter. Choose whatever suits the character, so it can be an exceptional knife that does D20 damage, or a rusty old greatsword that does only D6.

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