Thursday, December 19, 2013

History's Heroes: The Star Boy

In the late summer of 1908, near the Podkamennaya Tunguska River, Russia, a team of scientists lead by Dr. Boris Nehamkin was investigating an explosion that destroyed 2,000 square miles of forest. Near the center of the blast, they discovered a small, strange creature with silvery skin. 
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Despite its three fingers hands and the antenna on its head, it looked almost exactly like a young boy. 
Dubbed Star Boy, the creature never spoke and never seemed to age. It soon displayed incredible powers including telekinesis, empathy and and healing abilities. The silvery suit, which it was never seen without, proved to be impenetrable to bullets, fire and explosions. 

Dr. Nehamkin and the Star Boy toured the world for much of the early 20th Century until they tried to flee the USSR and Stalin's increasingly erratic rule. Dr. Nehamkin was captured and was never seen again. The Star Boy traveled to Britain and then to America where it was a member of a number of so-called 'super teams'. During WWII, it was with the landing of powered humans on Dieppe Beach that has come to be known as P-Day.  

After the war, as if disgusted with what it had seen of humanity during the war, it retreated into seclusion into the dessert of New Mexico. It was only spotted a few times after that, until June of 1947 when it appeared for the last time near the town of Roswell. 

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