Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Sparkle Sloth

These rare creatures are only found in cloud forests on the slopes of high tropical mountains. Scholars believe that their eye-catching fur comes from an oil produced by the sloth's skin and provides a unique form of camouflage, useful in the constantly dripping trees and erratic sunlight.

The oil of the Sparkle Sloth is also a very powerful narcotizing agent, capable of knocking out even the largest of creatures after only limited contact. This provides powerful protection for the sloth, as any predator that tries to feast on the sloth usually ends up nodding off instead. Some native hunters have been known to rub their arrow points on the sloth's fur to aid in hunting.

As a result, alchemists and enchanters have been known pay handsomely for even a small vial of the oil. Of even more value is a live sloth, though catching one is extremely dangerous endeavor and to date, no sloth has ever been captured by an outside party.

The sloths themselves are utterly harmless, easy to take care of and can become quite affectionate if handled properly. However few are up to the task of venturing deep into unmapped jungles and swamps inhabited by terrible monsters. To then journey past tribes of cannibals, headhunters and mimes, then up treacherous mountains; all in the hopes of catching a very rate and elusive animal. Even if successful, they face a return journey past all the same dangers, only now burdened with a prize that happens to knock you cold at the slightest touch.

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