Sunday, January 20, 2013

Seven RPGs I Wish I Had Played

This wasn't part of the original meme, but the other two parts got me thinking...

My dream game, but I never seemed to have the the right clearance level.
I adore simple rule systems. It strikes me that one rule that covers everything is a much better idea than a hundred different rules covering a hundred different scenarios, because you just KNOW that the player is going to suggest scenario one hundred and one.

This game is the grand-daddy of Rules-Lite and few others can hope to match it.

I’d probably go with a Fallout setting, but of course I would have to add MEGAWEAPON!
For all your megaweapon needs.
Any Superhero Campaign
Don’t care which rules system. It is just a genre that for some reason, we utterly missed.
Though this would likely be my character
There was a time before the Internet where details about games like these were limited to a rare article in a game mags or zines, or more likely just ads in old issues of DRAGON magazine. Having gotten hooked on Talislanta, I always kept an eye out for these, but was never able to find them in my local games store.(Fandom II represent!)

Love the setting and have owned a few books over the years, but could never get my head around the rules. I seem to have this block when it comes to FASA.
Ah, the nineties. 

Just to say I’ve done it. Can you not feel the awesome?

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