Saturday, January 19, 2013

Seven RPGs I Have Played

Because it is never too late to jump on a meme.

This was a very short, one or two game session from way back in the High School era. I don't remember much, but we did create two memorable characters that eventually got ported to a D&D campaign years later.
I've always looked to Tolkien as an inspiration for fantasy role playing, but I don't know how well Middle Earth would translate into an actual campaign. Then again, there are a lot of magic rings out there…

Usually AD&D, but we did dabble in the 3rd Ed. Mostly we went for classic 'non-specified fantasy world', with imported elements of Mystaria, Kyrnn and Dark Sun. In recent years, I've tried to stir up a little old-school enthusiasm in my group, with mixed results.

This was the pet game of one of my gaming group and we ended up getting really into it. I played a Chaos Dragon who had become the guardian of a lost Princess of Amber and the plot was to restore her to the throne. By the end of the campaign we were cautious allies with a woman named Luci in her battles with a giant, winged deity. It was fun!
One of our default games for a long, long time. This is pretty gonzo stuff but it was perfect for a bunch of bored, geeky teens just out of High School. We all played dozens of characters, but my personal favorite was The Flooper, a joke class from the Vampire Sourcebook.A four-hundred pound, mega-damage acrobat that can teleport? A lot tougher than you'd imagine.
Another pet game from one of my group players. While I'm not the biggest fan of the books (I think I gave up around book 6 or 7, whatever book it was where they started resurrecting villains they'd killed in book 1), this was a pretty awesome game. We never really did finish his campaign, which I always thought was a shame. 
I'd buy this toy.
One of my gaming group is a Transformers junkie and this was his attempt at running a Transformer's game. We played a group of Autobots who had been woken in the 1950's, and when reawakened again in the 1980's, we went out to hunt down Commies.

We went so far off the rails that at one point we tried to invade North Korea. I think we ended up made the GM cry. Still, I thought my golf cart named 9-Iron (who spoke like Mr. Howe from Gilligan's Island) was pretty cool.

Kind of a cheat, since this was mostly solo-play on my part. I'd picked up a few T&T books over the years, but didn't do much with them until last year when I ended up spending a lot of time in the hospital. My chemo regime meant that every third week I'd spend five days in hospital, plus all the extra time tagged on for fevers. Tunnels and Trolls Solo adventures helped fill many an hour, though I eventually had to create a spreadsheet to help me keep track of the dice. You have to roll a LOT of dice.
By stock in a dice company before playing
This was our game. We played it for years, running a group of characters from a year before the Battle of Yavin, to roughly a few years after The Battle of Endor. There were betrayals, character deaths, reoccurring villains, epic battles and even a bit of redemption for a rag-tag group of smugglers who got blackmailed into helping the Alliance. This one got so deep that it had spin off campaigns, one involving a group of lost Ewoks (when we weren't in the mood to be serious), and a prequel era Jedi campaign.

Left: The group's protocol droid. Non-affectionately called 'Dik'. Infamous for once rolling a '1' when looking out for enemies; 'Look out sir, dirt!' 

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