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RPG Wish List: G.I. Joe!

Movies, Games and Books I wish were available as Roleplaying Games 
Become a real American Hero and battle the terrorist organization of COBRA! 

Even though I am Canadian, this was my favourite toy line as a kid. At its zenith, it far surpassed even my Star Wars collection.

That there isn't already an official game is quite surprising considering that HASBRO currently owns Wizards of the Coast. It would be very easy of them to pump out a quick cash-grab sourcebook for D20 Modern. A 'Battle for Cybertron' quality video-game appears too much to ask for.
In the meantime...
There is a lot of love for this line and it is easy to see why, in addition to the cool gadgets, vehicles and equipment … it has ninjas, which is a word that grabs an eight year old boy's attention like a moth to a bonfire.
Kiddie Crack
The playing group could be a Special Missions team sent out to battle agents of Cobra and other treats to international peace. The fabulously geeky File Card that came with each fig listed a Primary and Secondary Specialty. It provides a great model to build a GI: Joe Player Character.
All he needs is a COMELINESS stat!
If you are not familiar with the series, I recommend starting with either the Marvel Comics run from 1982-1994 (including GI Joe: Special Missions) and the cartoon series that ran from 1983-1986. For a more modern approach, I highly recommend the surprisingly excellent GI JOE: Renegades TV series that ran from 2010-2011.
Single greatest comic I have ever read. I am not kidding.
And for the sake of your own sanity: avoid the movies. There is a Wayans brother involved, that is all I'm saying.

Suggested Supplements:
Order of Battle: Cobra. Order of Battle: G.I. Joe. Mars Industries Catalogue. De-Classified: Secrets of the Arashikage Clan. De-Classified: The PIT. De-Classified: Secrets of Cobra Industries. Operation Cobra Island. Operation Springfield. De-Classified: Oktober Guard.

I could spend all day doing this..

Suggested Systems
My personal preference would be for something fast and easy that handles scaling (person vs. vehicle) well, like WEG D6. The aforementioned D20 Modern is a possibility, as is GURPS (you could pull from a lot of different sourcebooks). Savage Worlds, FATE and FUDGE are also strong contenders.

However, buried somewhere in my files is a half finished TWERPS hack. I'm almost inspired enough to go back and finish it.
Yo Joe!

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