Sunday, January 20, 2013

Seven Games that I Have Run

Still aboard the meme-train!

Not as often as I would like, but it remains my all time favorite game. Inspired by the works of Jack Vance (primarily the Dying Earth Books), it is a post-apocalyptic fantasy world complete with crumbling empires, vast wastelands, strange magics and over a hundred playable races, game balance be damned. 

If you're even remotely curious, here is the free pdf of 'The Chronicles of Talislanta'. It is a rules-free guidebook to the continent which twenty years ago I ran out and bought after seeing this iconic add... 
Dungeons & Dragons. 
Who hasn’t? 

Which by the way, brings me to my theory that modern D&D is based heavily on the Talislanta rules-set. It seems that Wizards of the Coast once owned the Talislanta property for a few years before they started devoting all their time on something called, 'Magic the Gathering'. But a few years later, when the launched D&D3, there were suddenly a lot of similarities between the New D&D and their old Talislanta project. 

Kinda like when Paramount studious was considering JMS's Babylon 5 series and was in preproduction for a year. Then they suddenly dropped the project but a year later launched DS9. Not saying that both products or programs were equally awesome. It is just something to consider. 

When we wanted to get a little gonzo, this is what we played. Once you jettison most of the rules, it was okay for a long time until we got tired of the, ‘he with the most MDC wins' mechanic. 

I'm an unabashed Ghostbusters fan. We still have the toys, the cartoon was awesome (still saving up for that firehouse box-set) and I say that the second movie ROCKS! But Dan please, even I have no desire to see a third one. 

I came into this game looong after it had finished publishing, but I wish I had found it sooner. You want a real good time as a GM? Run some Chuthulu adventures for the team.  Instead of a ‘Slimer’ ghost sidekick, the team ended up with a zombie head on a stick.

He name was Harry.

Poor Cal.
Never saw it coming.

Star Wars WEG
One of my players had developed this elaborate back story to his character; complete with an extended family, detailed history, hide outs, former squad members and much more, all kept in a neat little binder … which he left in my basement after one game session. A few minutes with the company copier when no one was looking, and I gave him back the binder the following week. The next few months were a nightmare for the poor guy as more and more of those details crept into the game, usually dead or destroyed, and he came to realize that the character’s mother, a high ranking Imperial officer, was coming after her son the traitor. Good times!

Drunk, bored or don’t feel like doing anything remotely serious or strenuous on your game night? Play this game. Exactly what it sounds like; on the orders of your King ('All Hail King Torg!), you are a band of kobolds out hunting dinner, preferably the sweet, sweet taste of baby flesh. Warning, your kobold will die, probably in some gruesome and hilarious manner. 

Not the bloated, license-gobbling monstrosity that Guardians of Order became, but the pure fun of the original Tri-Stat rules. While I still like the original rules-set, my only excuse for the rest of it is that I was going through a bit of an anime phase back then. 

It was the late nineties.I got better. All I have left as some Miazaki films and Iria (right), honest!

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