Thursday, May 24, 2012

Still Not Dead/Link Dump

It is the usual 'real life's been busy' excuse, but things finally seem to be normalizing and I hope to be able to devote a little more focus to my rpg projects/this blog, including a run through of the Tomb of Horrors: Ready Player One Challenge later today.

I hate when I turn this blog into a link dump, but since I'm playing catch up on my emails/blog/site readings here is a bunch o'stuff for my own reference later.

Lets start with some inspirational pics for Modern/Future dungeons.
Abandoned LA Subway System via io9

The vast Salt Mines below Detroit via Environmental Graffiti.

Abandonned Maryland Amusement Park. For all your Supervillan hideout needs. via io9

Abandoned Malls, via Retronaut

Edgar Allen Poe illustrations by Harry Clarke from 1915: HERE. via Retronaut

Great Smokey National Park brochure, 1950: a good basis for a Wilderness campaign. via Retronaut.

And these are just for fun
1978 Atari Catalog via Retronaut

I admit to having a weird appreciation for the anything goes style of the 1970's. via Retronaut Micronauts! via Monster Brains

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