Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Quicky Movie Reviews

Not a good couple of days health-wise so I’ve been taking it easy and watching a few movies.

Real Steal
Has to be the most unintentionally goofy I’ve seen in a long time. Nothing in this movie makes sense, from the plot to the technology to the central premise; while I buy that we might have robot combat as a spectator sport in the future, it won’t be based (solely) on boxing. I think they did that just to throw in every boxing cliché from ‘The Champ’ to ‘Rocky’ to ‘Ali’ … seriously, the rope-a-dope?

The robots are remote controlled. "Training" it is therefore POINTLESS.

The kid is a precocious little fart to whom you will come to actively dislike right around the time he tries to teach the robot to ‘dance’. Nor do they ever bother to explain the central conceit that a twenty-year old sparring-robot that has been rotting in a drainage ditch for who knows how long is able to beat the more modern bots. They hint at an explanation, and that Japanese guy really, really wants to buy it, but the movie never follows through.

The Raven
Tired serial killer plot that happens to feature Edgar Allen Poe.

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