Saturday, May 5, 2012

Quickie Adventure Idea

Sorry for all the movie posts, but on Doctor’s orders, I’ve been convalescing which means sitting on my ass and watching way too many bad films.

-Bad Teacher with Cameron Diaz was pretty funny.
-Gulliver’s Travels is bad, bad, bad, badbadbadbad!
-Drive Angry is similarly awful, but at least it wasn't a cold-corporate attempt at a ‘blockbuster’ written by the ‘scriptotron-3000’ and featuring an almost lethal combination of product placement and Jack Black. Drive Angry was at least attempting for gonzo and I thought that “The Accountant” was a fun character that I would definitely co-op for the right kind of campaign.

I did see one movie that was much better than I had anticipated and had an excellent RPG plot.

A Lord’s son is banished for crimes unspeakable, but he vows to return and conquer the kingdom. He then disappears into the east.

-the Party learns that a group of bandits have been raiding villages and stealing all the metal they can lay their hands on.
-In a nearby village, the Party encounters one of these raids, and an observant Hero will note that the “bandits” are organized and wearing uniforms.
-The Party proceeds to the city where the rightful rulers are imprisoned. In the city’s main square, there is long furrow of destruction and a makeshift memorial.
-Rescue the city’s rulers by breaking into the city’s dungeons- they have sneak through the city and into the dungeons where they will face the city guard, the strange soldiers and a maybe a monster or two.
-Finding the ruler’s in the deepest party of the dungeon, they find that the ruler’s refuse to escape. Stating that if they do so, the city will be destroyed by the banished Lord.
-He has a powerful Weapon that he brought back from foreign lands … (a cannon in a fantasy campaign).
-The Party then has to ascend the Lord’s tower and defeat the Weapon
-At the top of the tower they confront the Lord and defeat a Weapon, only to have the Lord escape and learn that he has many, many other Weapons that the then uses to destroy the tower.
-Then they have to break into the Lord’s fortress filled with smelters where they are smelting down all the metal they’ve stolen to make more cannons.
-If they fail to defeat the Lord there, he builds a fleet loaded with cannons to conquer the entire Kingdom. The Party must stop him and his fleet before they leave the river and enter the harbour.

Kung Fu Panda 2.

Spear of the Peacock
Damage: d8+2
Powers: Once every five rounds, the spear can be caused to flair in a blazing 'fan' that will distract and disorient any opponent.
Save vs Wand or suffer -5 to all rolls for d4 rounds.

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