Friday, December 5, 2014

Haunted Sword for Sale!

A family in Texas is selling their haunted heirloom for the low, low price of $150!
Buy it Today! 
That I desperately want this sword is a given. That the picture above is an unforgettable NPC just waiting to happen is also a given.

However, it has also gotten me started thinking about the idea of 'magic items'. Ever notice that no book character ever has more than one, yet every D&D character above level 3 is walking around with at least a magic weapon,  a suit of armour, maybe a ring or two and an extra large bottomless purse, just in case? Plus they can head down to the local temple or magic shop to pick up an extra potion or two, or maybe an enchanted koala because it that would be fun at parties.

This is the Loot aspect of the game, and I get it, collecting cool and powerful stuff is fun. It also reeks of Monty Haul* campaigning and video-game mentality neither of which I don't enjoy that much. As a result, I am going to skew DIE Alone away from magic items. Not sure of all the details yet, but I have now made it a hard rule that magic-items cannot be 'bought' in-town.

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