Sunday, December 28, 2014

Conflagration Weed
At first glance, these strange lifeforms appear to be some form of aberrant, darkness dwelling plants. In actuality, they are closer related to sponges and coral. The organisms grow very slowly by leeching minerals from the rocks. They grow in long thin, branches that can be anywhere from 1cm to 1m long. At a certain point, the branch will begin to form a pod surrounded by sharp spikes. These pods are filled with the spores of the creatures. They are also filled with phosphorus and other chemicals, and when touched, the pods will explode, driving the spores into the nearby rocks.

While the pods are generally quite small, they will eventually fill a room. Even a small pod will do d4 (or equivalent damage), a room with thousands can easily become an exploding deathtrap. Delvers also sometimes call them Fireburs, Needleweed or Deathspores.

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