Monday, December 1, 2014

Caverns of Questemundo: Post Wrap

In Search of the Unknown is about as generic old-school as it gets. The dungeon has no logical
Our hosts, Rogain and Tadalafil in happier times.
design or layout except to mess with diligently mapping players; rooms have random effects and it was written a long time before 'dungeon ecology' was even a consideration. I framed the caverns as a B&B for two retired adventurers that failed when they tunneled into the 'Downlow' cavern complex. It added some fun, and even some context to things like the random taxidermy room ("The Sportsman Suite"), the Room of Pools ("A jacuzzi to suit every lifeform!"), the large kitchens and even the irritating opulence that usually turned out to be illusionary.  It was fun for a trial run, but I can't see myself breaking out the adventure again even for nostalgia's sake.

I'm happier with how the DIE Alone rules played out. My novice hero, Thakko even came close to death twice; once saved by the use of his BS Point to re-roll a damage that would have killed him, and secondly when he avoided become a zombie on a lucky roll. He returned to Onderdunk twice more to be Healed at the Temple and stock up on Prescription Leeches.

My next step is going to be to write down the stats of the monsters encountered so far into a file so that it is consistent in further adventures. 
Taking an idea that I am unabashedly stealing from Sooga Games marvelous game, Into the Odd, I am basing DIE Alone experience on Quests Completed. Individual achievements in-game are rewarded with BS points, but only a successfully Completed (or survived) Quest awards the player with a point that can be added anywhere on the Hero's Sheet. I am also going to try another idea for Skill rolls.

Once I've drawn up some fresh Things to Kill and fleshed out items available for purchase, Thakko's next challenge is going to be Arduin Dungeon #2, the Howling Tower

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