Sunday, November 11, 2012

Wreck-It Ralph

I have a confession to make. I don’t much like video games. I don’t seem to have enough time or money to get the things I NEED to get done, let alone spending $40+ dollars on something that will suck away hours of my life and accomplish exactly diddley-squat. That isn’t to say that I haven’t enjoyed video games in the past, or that I won’t play them in future, but as the years roll on I find myself less and less inclined to pick up a controller.

That being said, I still loved Wreck It Ralph. I’m sure there are a hundred jokes I missed for every one I laughed at. It also does something I’ve always wanted to do as a GM and that is run a coherent cross-genre campaign. The movie takes place across three distinct games; the 8bit Fix-It Felix Jr., the ‘unnamed planet’ of Hero’s Duty, and the saccharine Sugar Rush. It also assembles a party made of up heroes from each of those worlds, each with a distinct ability; Ralph can wreck things while Felix can fix them. Calhoun has a really big gun and Vanellope can race.

It is a true flailsnail (am I using that right?) campaign with a genuine threat presented for each of the games, while linking all the elements together in a plausible (within the movie) fashion.

And I might even pick up the Wreck It Ralph video game.  

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