Thursday, November 1, 2012

NaGaDeMon: Dungeon Dealer

The Premise 
Acard game that uses standard fantasy and roleplaying elements. A game for 3-4 players and requires each player have a pencil and piece of paper, plus a standard deck of cards (with Jokers).For those nights when no one feels like going through the trouble of running an adventure.
  -The Premise
  -The Set Up
  -Monster Cards
  -How to Play
  -Advanced Dungeon Dealer (allowing for players, classes and rules)
The Set Up
To begin, everyone chooses a Class: Warrior, Wizard, Thief or Cleric.
Write down your choice on your paper.
To determine who will be the first Dealer, everyone cuts the deck. High card is the Dealer and any ties are resolved with pistols at twenty paces.
The Dealer then deals out 5 cards to each player and one for herself. She then sets the deck down and turns over one card. This is the Monster Card.

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