Friday, November 2, 2012

NaGaDeMon: Dungeon Dealer

Class Suit: Clubs
Class Skill
Weapon: Choose any club card from your hand to use as a weapon. Place in front of you face up. The value of this card can be added to any Club or Monster Suit card played by the warrior. At the end of the battle, you can choose to keep this card, or discard it in the hopes you get a higher club next battle. This does not work against Traps. 

Class Suit: Diamonds
Class Skill
Spells: When you play a Diamond card successfully, draw another card to replace it.

Class Suit: Spades
Class Skills
Disarm: You double the value of any Spade card played against a Trap.
Backstab: Whenever another player successfully hits a Monster, the thief can immediately (out of turn) play a card of the same suit and take another hit point off the Monster. The card played must be of the same suit played by the previous player and must defeat the Monster Card's current HP total. 

Class Suit: Hearts
Class Skills
Turn Undead: When facing an Undead Monster Card and ONLY on your first turn, if your defeat the Monster Card's current HP, the Undead Monster has been successfully "Turned". The Monster is now defeated and the Cleric collects the XP.
Heal: If you play a Heart against a monster and the card value is higher than the Monster current HP, you get an extra card that can be kept, or given to another player. You may not look at the card before choosing to heal and this does not work against Traps.

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