Tuesday, October 2, 2012

'She's a harbor chick!"

No doubt you are all dying to hear my thoughts on the last Doctor Who of 2012.

Nice use of the timey-whimey elements. Some genuinely affecting moments, both creepy and touching, and a fitting send off to a pair of characters that were beginning overstay their welcome (not because they were bad characters per say, but because the Doctor was becoming part of their family and therefore more human, which undercuts what the Doctor fundamentally is).

That being said ….

The plot was once again full of 'Moffatisms', which means a splatterplot of random crap crammed in for no reason; the detective and the rich dude who collects the Angels leap immediately to mind. And for that matter, setting it in the New York was pointless. There was no reason this episode could not have been set in any large city, which bring me to …

The Statue of Liberty as Stone Angel has my vote as the biggest unintentional laugh in the history of Who. It commits the writer's sin of violating the internal logic of the story and the Angels. Liberty is one of the most recognizable landmarks on the planet, surrounded by a city of a gazillion people …I'd bet real money that at any given moment, SOMEONE is looking at it. And even in the split second they might not be, they'd certainly notice a second later that it was gone.

This io9 review sums it up better than I can, and points out a lot more of the inconsistencies in the episode.

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