Sunday, October 7, 2012

RollCore Character Creation Part 2

MSG stands for Minor, Serious and Grievous and stands for how many Wounds a character can withstand. Starting characters begin with 2 Wounds in each category, but that number can be changed with Traits or Flaws.

Minor Wounds are automatically healed after a battle is over.
Serious Wounds require a significant period of rest to heal.
Grievous Wounds can only be healed through medical or magical means. If a character fills all their Grievous Wounds they are dead or at least permanently affected/crippled.

How you take Damage will be covered in the Combat Section.

Origin stories are boring, goals are interesting. Players who give their character a Quest gain a starting BS point. Starting Quests can be almost anything the player imagines and a few famous examples might include; ‘deliver a load of spice to a crime boss’, ‘kill the six fingered man’, ‘find a way back to Kansas’, and ‘kill Bill’.

The goals do not have to be that lofty, but they cannot be easy (‘find a penny’, ‘put on socks’ are not goals). Fulfilling a Quest earns the character a BS point at which time they are free to choose another goal.

Sample Character
[edit: forgot the MSG]
Ozz Dogleg, the Pirate
-Skill: Combat
-Pirate stuff, Arg!
-Starburns’s High Hat; Ozz wears a tall hat given to him by his father, who claims he found it on a deserted island perched on the skull of the infamous pirate captain known as Starburns. While wearing the hat, Ozz is often mistaken for the missing captain, which often intimidates enemies and allows him to bluff his way out of difficult situations.
Quest: Ozz is looking for his father who disappeared off the Emerald Coast nearly ten years ago while in search of the lost city of Sierra Wapo.
BS Points: 1

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