Tuesday, October 2, 2012

RollCore: Character Creation Part 1

RollCore Characters
Rather than a spreadsheet worth of stats, skills and numbers, Rollcore characters have only Traits, MSG, BS Points, Accoutrements and a Quest.

Start by selecting three Traits. Traits are skills, talents and abilities that define the character and influence game play. Describing the character as attractive is not a Trait, but describing the character as so mindboggling beautiful that men and women swoon, would be. A trait can be almost anything the player wishes, subject to GM veto (which must be used with extreme caution. It is recommended that a GM not tell a player NO too often, but instead carefully governs how a powerful Trait may be played in game).

Any Species besides human (i.e., Elf, Dwarf, Martian etc) is considered a Trait. Other, non-skill Traits are up to the player and may include things like extra MSG (we'll get to Wounds soon), special weapons or equipment and Skills.

Skills are traits that reflect a character's area of training and expertise. If a character has the skill and something related to that skill comes up in-game, the character may now roll between 1-4 for Easy tasks, 4-6 for Moderate Tasks, and 5 or 6 for Hard tasks.

Skill List: Physical, Science, Mechanical, Art, Scholar, Pilot, Thievery, Magic, Professional, Hobby, Combat.

Skills may be taken more than once to reflect more specialized areas of training. (i.e., Physical: Acrobatics). In this instance, if something comes up that might involve the character using her Acrobatics Skill (such as Jackie Channing up and over a locked gate), the Difficulty Level is dropped by one. If the Difficulty Level is already Easy, then there is no added bonus, but it does allow the Character to attempt Impossible feats without expending a BS point.

Flaws (Optional)
A player may also choose to give her character up to two Flaws which, like a Trait must be significant enough to affect gameplay. For the first Flaw, the character gains an extra BS point. For the second flaw, the character gains an extra Trait.

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