Monday, August 20, 2012

The Dark Door into Darkness

The Dark Door into Darkness is structured for solo play, so there are some Gamebook/ ‘Choose your own Adventure’ style segments where the player’s decisions determine the outcome. Here is a description of what may happen if a player chooses, poorly:

Long after the rock had cooled and the rumblings had stopped, they still tell the story of the night Pargshaft mine exploded. They say a cloud of smoke rose ten miles into the sky and that it rained ash for six days and night. Today, a peaceful crater lake lies in its place, surrounded by light woods and open lands that still bears the scars of that terrible day. Campfire tales tell of a lost cavern deep below the lake, filled with vast treasures and terrible monsters. Few believe the stories, but to this day, the serine lake bears the name of ‘{Hero’s Name}’s Folly”.

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