Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Dark Door into Darkness

“Do not panic. Your destruction is imminent.”

Jeesh, not yet another, “I’m not trying to ignore this blog, but” post. Nevertheless, with everyone at work on vacation I’ve been soaking up as much overtime as I can to help pay for some of the bills we ran up when I was sick.

In what little free time I have to write, I’ve been working on an adventure called “The Dark Door into Darkness”. I’ve set it up so that dungeon is randomly generated, with random encounters mixed with an overall plot, which means it can be played solo or in a group. I’ve written it rules free so it will be suitable for any system, but if I can stand to look at it after I’m done, I will include RollCore and Labyrinth Lord conversions as well. I finished the monster section last night, so here is a bit if a preview:

Shadow These strange entities lurk in all the dark places of the world, thirsting for light. Shadows often attack adventuring parties in deep caves, but their main goal is not the party, it is the light sources they carry. Their appearance is malleable, and they often take the form of shadows of the Heroes they are attacking. Other times they take the shape of one of the nightmarish creatures that lurk in the deepest regions of the earth. Shadows cannot manifest in total darkness, and should their attacks result in all available light being extinguished, they will disappear.

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