Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Unspoken

It began sometime before the Rasure, when a band of the Red Prince rebels ambushed a company of the Tarkhan’s guard on as it marched through the valley of Starrvale towards the city of Aeternus.

The ambush turned into a running battle that spilled into city. Reinforcements were called by both sides and soon a bloody and protracted war erupted that raged for months and brought to ruin the city was once called Eternal.

Those who witnessed the event from afar say that on the night of the Rasure, the skies above Aeternus lit up with a colour previously unseen by mortal eyes. There was a flash of blinding light, a mighty inrush of wind followed by a thunderous roar that shook the earth. And then Aeternus was gone.

When the ground cooled enough to approach, the first to reach the craterous waste that would come to be called the Lake of Eternal Tears, where shocked to find survivors. Every man and child, woman and old, soldier and citizen lay broken and blooded, but alive in the still smoking ruins.

As the days past they discovered that when they tried to speak of what happened that day, they could not. Not a whisper or a hint could pass their lips. Nor could they write, draw or signal in any way of their experience. Some concluded that they simply could not remember and left it at that. Others have heard the terrified screams that vomit from their throats as they sleep and have looked deep into their hollow, haunted eyed of the survivors and know that the unuttered memories haunt them still.

As the years dragged on another disturbing fact began to emerge. The survivors, who came to calls themselves the Unspoken and wearing a green scarf across their mouths, learned they could not die. Barring violence or malfeasance, they face the years unchanged and immutable. Then there is the tale told in dark taverns that when an Unspoken is killed, the body disappears in the same strange inrush of air that accompanied the disappearance of the city Eternal.

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