Monday, December 26, 2011

9 Magical Effects for Magical Candles, Torches and Lanterns

All of these effects work equally well for any lightsource unless otherwise specifically noted.
            This item will never burn itself out.
Summons Shadowling
            The smoke from flame is a small spirit that will perform simple tasks for the person who lit the wick (torch). The spirit is released once the wick (torch) has burned away.
Fire Mace (Torch only)
            This torch is made of solid iron and can be used as a minor magical weapon.
Invisible Lantern
            The light from this torch can only be seen by the person carrying the object. To everyone else, the room remains unlit
            This torch creates a thick warm smoke that causes everyone who inhales it to become calm, a little silly, absent minded and very hungry. If the person inhaling the smoke fails a wisdom roll, they become paranoid, dizzy with a chance of summoning 1d6 Flying Rainbow Bunnies or other psychic predators.
            This torch creates a Sphere of Blackness equal to 20'. Infrared and ultraviolet vision will not penetrate the darkness.
The 8 Candles of Shabragdingo (Candle Only)
            This candle is made of black wax and has strange runic symbols carved down the side. If eight of the candles are brought together and burned simultainiously, they will summon the demon lord Shabragdingo. Unfortunately, the creator of the candles purposely did not mentioned the ninth candle … the one that allows you to control the newly summoned demon.
Of Purity
If this item is used to start a fire, the resulting blaze will purify any food prepared. Water will e boiled of poisons or impunity. Similarly, rags boiled in the water and used on a wound will prevent infection and half the recuperation time.  
Twice a day, with an accompanying trigger word this item will create a 10' fireball that can be launched at an enemy up to 25m away.

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